Meet baby Simba, er, Kaiori, in this awesome birth announcement video inspired by Disney's The Lion King!

By Melissa Willets
May 10, 2016
lion king birth announcement video
Credit: Maria Harsha Wusu/YouTube

Doesn't every baby deserve a Disney-inspired introduction to the world? I think so, and that's why I am a huge fan of parents Timilehin and Maria Wusu's video announcing the arrival of their daughter Kaiori that recreates the opening scene from The Lion King.

When the clip begins, we see dad Timilehin anointing his baby girl's forehead as she is cradled in Maria's adoring arms. And then comes the iconic moment when the baby is lifted into the air to be presented to the pride, er, hospital room. The song "Circle of Life" swells, and well, I got chills.

That the medical staff was willing to act like a bunch of wild animals celebrating Kaiori's arrival is not only awesome, but totally surprising. I feel like the staff where I gave birth was so square! I need to go to this hospital next time.

I just love that these parents did something so creative to honor the occasion of their daughter's birth. So many new moms and dads allow the stress of birth and having a new baby take away from the joy, but not the Wusus. They totally embraced the miracle of new life, and they spread their infectious jubilation with the 59,000-plus people who have viewed this video so far on YouTube. I know I'm in a better mood after seeing this creative baby announcement.

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