By Caitlin St John
April 23, 2015

With only seven days left in April, we're biting our nails in anticipation of whether the royal family will welcome a princess or another prince to their adorable family. But there are tons of moms in the U.S. who are expecting babies around this very same time—and new initiative by Huggies will give these American families some royal treatment of their own.

The diaper brand plans to celebrate the birth of the royal baby by giving the gift of free diapers to every U.S.-born baby who shares the new prince or princess' birthday—whatever day that may be! That means an estimated 11,000 American babies will be eligible to receive one free pack of Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers.

In order to redeem this gift, parents will need to email and include proof of birth via a copy of the birth certificate, a published birth announcement, or a hospital birth announcement. They will then receive one 35-count package of size 1 diapers.

In addition, as soon as the royal baby news breaks, Huggies will travel to the Madison Health hospital in London, Ohio, to make over the hospital's maternity ward—complete with a red carpet, "throne" room, and royal nursery viewing area.

Huggies will also be donating six diapers per every baby born that day to the National Diaper Bank Network, to help the one in three American families who struggle to provide clean, fresh diapers to their children. And to get the rest of the country involved, Huggies will donate an additional six diapers for every use of #RoyalHug on Twitter from now until royal baby #2 arrives. Now that's a hashtag we can get behind!

Caitlin St John is an Editorial Assistant for who splits her time between New York City and her hometown on Long Island. She's a self-proclaimed foodie who loves dancing and anything to do with her baby nephew. Follow her on Twitter: @CAITYstjohn

Photos courtesy of Huggies


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