Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian may be at the top of their respective games, but the expectant couple are total newbies when it comes to baby care.

By Ellen Sturm Niz
July 24, 2017

Launching a 120-mile-per-hour serve and a multi-million-dollar social news website are no problem for soon-to-be-parents Serena Williams and fiance Alexis Ohanian. Swaddling a baby, however ... well, the two needed a little instruction on how to master the technique. Especially Ohanian, apparently.

The celebrity couple attended a baby care class together last weekend, according to several posts Williams posted on Snapchat. In one, she showed a video of a baby doll wrapped in a blanket titled "Baby class 101."

Serena Williams baby swaddle
Credit: Snapchat / Serena Williams

Hmmm, not a bad baby burrito, but the Wimbledon champ might want to get both arms inside the blanket next time.

In another video on Snapchat, Williams told herself, “Good swaddling, Serena! Yes.” Do you think that's the kind of positive encouragement she also gives herself when practicing on the tennis court?

Unfortunately, Ohanian's baby-handling skills are not as good as his entrepreneurial ones.  His baby doll was very poorly swaddled. “Look at this student. Oh, what happened?” Williams chided him before he frustratedly responded, "I can't help it!"

The mama-to-be also jokingly chided her future husband for how how picked up the baby doll like a football. “Sir, that’s not how you carry the baby,” she said.

Alexis Ohanian baby doll
Credit: Snaphat / Serena Williams

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Williams and Ohanian's baby is reportedly due this fall, so the two have a couple more months to practice all their baby skills. Whether the new arrival will be a boy or a girl will be a surprise, despite rumors that her tennis star sister Venus had accidentally revealed the baby to be a girl. Whenever he or she arrives, we'll be sure to spread the news!