It goes fast, parents, so enjoy all the stuff while you can!

By Hollee Actman Becker
Eva Amurri Martino/Instagram

Confession: I've been obsessed with following Eva Amurri Martino on social media ever since she opened up about what it was like to get pregnant again after suffering a miscarriage on her blog last year.

Now that she and husband Kyle Martino have finally welcomed their beautiful rainbow baby—son Major, born late October in the couple's home—Eva is once again getting real with her followers, this time in a candid Instagram post about the ups and down of life with a newborn.

"Weekend Vibes!" she captioned a sweet shot of herself in bed, looking happily disheveled as her two kids (Major joined sister Marlowe, 2) draped themselves over her body. "A lot of chaos, but a lot of love."

Aww! Eva went on to spill that she recently had a parenting breakthrough of sorts. "I truly understood finally how fleeting my kids' stage as small children really is, and how important it is to accept and value the ups and downs even when I hardly feel like I can make it through the day," she wrote. "I'm not getting much sleep right now (at all), and there are many things slipping through the cracks, but boy am I lucky."

This mama totally gets it!

"At 3am last night, Major gave me the biggest toothless smile and I just thought to myself 'Ok. Give me all the stuff—the sleeplessness and the stress and the mess and the mistakes'," she continued. "Give it to me—just as long as I get to keep these amazing kids of mine, and smother them with love, and watch them grow and grow. I think it's a pretty good deal."

We do too, mama! And mad props for finding such beautiful words in the middle of that maelstrom.

Hollee Actman Becker is a freelance writer, blogger, and mom of two who writes about parenting and pop culture. Check out her website for more, and then follow her on Twitter at @holleewoodworld.



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