Eddie Redmayne says he hopes his child will play with wooden toys instead of iPhones.
eddie redmayne and wife hannah at sag awards 2016
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

I remember spying a family out at dinner with kids before I had any of my own. One of their children spent the entire meal watching a movie on a DVD player that had been propped up next to his plate. I gave my husband a knowing look as I shook my head in disgust.

It's so easy to be a parent before you actually are one, right?

Then I had kids of my own. And I quickly became a fan of the mantra: "Do what you gotta to get through the meal." Or the flight. Or the day. Or the night.

Which is why I thought it was really cute when Eddie Redmayne—who's expecting his first child with wife Hannah—told E!'s Guilana Rancic about his plan to raise his baby old-school. "We have this dream of wooden toys and all that," the Danish Girl actor, 34, said while walking the red carpet at the SAG Awards on Saturday. "Everyone's like, 'You always start like that and you end up with iPhones.'"

Sad, but so, so true!

Redmayne also told Rancic he and Hannah are currently focused on making sure they have everything they need to head to the hospital once the big day arrives, but admitted that even that has it challenges. "We started looking at the logistics of all the lists of things you're meant to get before you go into hospital," he said. "That's a long list of stuff right there."

Welcome to parenthood, Eddie!

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