Wait until you hear why these parents chose the name Cooper Sheeran for their little miracle.

By Melissa Willets
September 01, 2017
Ed Sheeran Performance
Credit: J Stone/Shutterstock

I guess you could say this 1-year-old's parents are big Ed Sheeran fans. Not only did they seemingly attend multiple concerts given by the Brit in Florida, but Rocky and Harmony Smith named their daughter after him.

Smith posted a video of little Cooper meeting her namesake at his concert at the American Airline Arena in Miami, Florida this week, where it promptly went viral.

The moment was shared both in an Instagram post and on Facebook. Smith is heard talking to the singer from the floor seats at his show. She yells out that her baby is named after him. "Her middle name is Sheeran!" the proud mama calls out to her idol.

"Her middle name is Sheeran?" the singer repeats in amused disbelief. "I've never seen a baby this calm at a concert!" he adds, before telling the jazzed up crowd, "I love babies!"

The star then dedicated the song "Dive" to little Cooper, whom we see briefly in the video. Indeed, she seems rather unfazed by the huge crowd or the loud sounds around her.

As a caption to his Facebook post about the once-in-a-lifetime encounter, Smith wrote to the singer, "We didn't get a picture with you tonight, but you singing to my daughter was pretty amazing." Supposedly he would be heading to the star's next concert stop in Orlando.

Smith told E! News that there's a special reason he and his wife named Cooper after the singer. One of his songs was playing during the IVF procedure that helped them conceive her.

"We were trying for years to have a child," he explained. "Eventually we decided to have a procedure where a doctor had to do the insemination manually. It was Christmas morning of 2015 at 9:30 am. After the procedure, as my wife laid on the table waiting and hoping this time we would receive our miracle, I pulled out my phone and played 'Tenerife Sea' on repeat while I sat beside her holding her hand. About six weeks later, we received a call that would change our lives forever. It was a very easy pregnancy and even child birth was done without an epidural!"

The dad, who owns a karaoke company, also told The Miami Herald that Cooper thinks the star is singing her father's songs. "I'm a singer and I sing only[his songs] to her," he shared. "She hears it on the radio when I'm not around and she's looking for daddy. She's been listening to him since before she was born. We had speakers that we could attach to my wife's stomach where I would play his songs for her."

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