The rapper and music producer hadn't flown in 10 years, but he says his L.O. inspired him to address his anxiety.

By Maressa Brown

DJ Khaled, the rapper and music producer behind hits like the summer hit "Wild Thoughts," is a super-proud new papa. Asahd Tuck Khaled, his baby boy with fiancée Nicole Tuck, has starred in his dad's music videos and has his own Instagram account. And apparently, at just 10 months old, Asahd has been making quite the impression on more than just a social media following. Khaled told E! News that he credits his son with helping him address his fear of flying.

"That's the only fear I had in my life," DJ Khaled explained. "Just being in a plane and if there's any turbulence. I just didn't feel comfortable. I had a lot of bad anxiety, and he helped me overcome that."

Khaled explains that simply wanting to travel with his son -- and seeing how he reacted to air travel -- inspired him. "Anytime I was on the road, I would fly him and I would take the bus," the 41-year-old said. "My son's on the plane, but I'm driving [and] taking two to three days to get somewhere and I'm saying to myself, 'My son can fly. I gotta fly.'"

Good for him!

Although Asahd seems chiller about flying than his dad, the apple didn't fall far from the tree when it comes to soaking up the spotlight. "He just loves the shows, a lot of people," DJ Khaled said of his L.O. "He feels the fan love. I'm glad he really likes it because I can see him pursuing whatever career he wants. I support him, but I know it's gonna be big and he's going to be a big mogul." Love it.


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