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July 30, 2014

Her name is synonymous with burlesque, old-school glamour, and pinup girl good looks. Now Dita Von Teese is branching out into a decidedly unsexy place: postpartum lingerie.

Yup, you read that right. Marilyn Manson's ex wants to zhush up your fourth trimester underpinnings with a capsule collection for Destination Maternity, reports the Daily Mail. The line offers a handful of nursing bras that look great on the outside -- all lace and ribbons -- but with detachable cups, are practical, too. The underwear were just as thoughtfully designed, with pooch-friendly features like a high waist, boy short cut, and barely noticeable tummy control mesh. And unlike your hospital bill, the lingerie is affordable -- everything costs between $30 and $49.

Full disclaimer: Before I got pregnant, I thought it was silly to spend money on pretty postpartum bras and undies. After all, they were just transitional pieces until my post-baby weight melted away and my boobs went back to their normal size. But then I became a mom and my body turned into a milk-producing, baby-swaddling workhorse. I wanted to feel sexy again but -- shocker -- my flesh-colored underwear and utilitarian nursing bras just weren't cutting it. Though I never considered myself a lingerie kind of gal, I suddenly wished I had at least one halfway presentable thing to wear under my spit-up encrusted shirt. I don't think I'm alone on that one, either. As Von Teese points out, "elegant underpinning are a simple way to create everyday moments of luxury and beauty," and she's totally right, of course. If anyone deserves to feel like a pinup, it's gotta be a woman whose body just spent the last nine months doing the most amazing thing possible.

Tell us: Pretty postpartum lingerie -- a fun splurge or basic necessity?

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Image of Dita Von Teese courtesy of Shutterstock