Is my kid spoiled?

That was the thought running through my mind the other day. We had just left Walgreens, where he sweet-talked me into buying him a set of washable paints, a sheet of stickers, and yet another toy car. A few days earlier, my mother gifted him with a bag full of goodies before she flew back home, and before all of that, we spent a weekend hitting up every kid-friendly attraction in Boston (and trust me, there are A LOT of them). Even though my husband and I swore early on that our only child wouldn't be swimming in stuff, here we are, three years later, with drawers chock-full of drugstore cars.

I was feeling pretty bad about my parenting skills until I read about how some children of Hollywood elite are living large, and suddenly, my kiddo's $3 Corvette didn't seem so bad. First up is North West, who gets my vote as the ultimate Material Girl. There was the designer dress she wore to her parents' lavish wedding, then the enormous diamond studs she sported on her first birthday. Now, the celebutot has moved onto handbags -- you know, for all the pacis and toys she's no doubt carrying around with her. But forget Coach -- for North, only the best will do, and in this case, that means Yves Saint Laurent. The 14-month-old was photographed on mom's hip wearing a studded YSL purse that costs as much as a mortgage payment.

But Kimye's kid isn't the only rich baby flaunting her wealth. Kevin Jonas' daughter, Alena, is also clearly rolling in the dough. Uncle Joe recently posted a picture of the 7-month-old waving a $100 bill in the air, E! Online reports. The caption? "My niece Alena has expensive taste." The proud uncle also created a video of it and set the whole thing to Jay Z's "100$ Bill." Judging by the huge smile on Alena's face, this is probably not the first time she's made it rain, and I have a feeling it won't be the last.

Tell us: Do you think you spoil your baby?

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Photo of Alena Jonas courtesy of Joe Jonas via Instagram