Yes! She's only 99 percent perfect.

By Melissa Willets
June 24, 2016
Late Night with Seth Meyers/YouTube

Yup, Blake, we knew it. But thanks for finally confirming you are pregnant with your second child with Ryan Reynolds during your appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers." Meanwhile, it was so, so refreshing to know that your life isn't 100 percent perfect; just, like, 99 percent. Yes, even you get social media envy when you see moms whose lives seem a little too put-together.

I'll admit I thought you were one of the moms you described as being outside the realm of real life. You know the type; as you described, they bake fresh blueberry pies, they knit while their kids are napping, while wearing white, with a toddler giving them a reflexology massage. But as you told Meyers, a new dad himself, that is simply unobtainable.

"That's not real!" Lively exclaimed to Meyers. "My kid is like playing with explosive devices!" And apparently putting holes in the wall.



The actress went on to admit that seeing images of "perfect" moms on Instagram, whose kids are both sleeping like angels at the same time (imagine that!), can mess with your head.

I am so glad that even former lifestyle blogger and perfect-hair-fashion-queen Blake Lively feels intimidated by "momfection" on social media. But um, Blake, if even you think being so-called perfect is impossible, what hope is there for the rest of us? Who don't have magic hair and perfect skin and husbands who are international sex symbols?

Well, I do. I'm just saying.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.


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