A dad hopes to honor the wishes of his son's late mother by having him exclusively breastfed for a year.

By Melissa Willets
December 21, 2015
Alex Green and son
Credit: Alex Green/Facebook

After the sudden death of his baby son's mom when he was only 3 months old, an Oregon dad took to Facebook to plea for help, specifically for breastmilk.

"I am a new single father to Brody, my 8-month-old son. His mother died in a car crash 4 months ago. His mother wanted to breast feed him until he was a year old. So for the past 4 months I have continuously been seeking out breast milk donations. And that is what I am doing now," Alex Green posted to the group Portland Mamas after running out of options in his local town of Bend.

And his plea was answered; in fact, since having success in Portland, Green has started another Facebook group Breast Milk for Brody. Word of his need for milk has now spread across the country.

Green explained his dedication to feeding Brody breastmilk, saying, "I knew his mom wanted to breastfeed until he was a year old, and I was willing to do whatever it takes to do that for him." He adds, "I'm no hero in this situation. I think people donating their time and breast milk are the ones who should be acknowledged. I'm just an average, ordinary guy trying to take care of his son."

Catherine Twete and son
Credit: Catherine Twete/Facebook

Brody's mom, Catherine Twete, died tragically in a car crash not long after professing her newfound love of motherhood on Facebook: "This love is what I was looking for. It will last forever, at least our version of it," she wrote. "Though I know the day will come when you are a grown man and I will have to let you go, I will hold onto these moments and never forget. You are everything I never knew I needed my son. You are the one for me. My love."

Anyone else feel like their heart has been ripped out? But I can only imagine this mom is looking down on her family with love, and pride that her wishes for her son to be breastfed are being honored, even if she can't be the one to nurse him.

You can learn more about helping the Green family on the GoFundMe page set up by Twete's mom.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.

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