One dad says men's public restrooms are not outfitted to accommodate the modern, involved dad.
dad holding out baby in diaper
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For one dad, getting access to baby changing stations in men's public restrooms has become a personal mission.

Stay-at-home dad-of-two Scotty Schrier says his dedication to diapers began one night while out to dinner with his family. "Being the involved dad, I'm like, 'Yeah honey, I got this,' you know, so I grabbed the diaper bag, I grabbed the kid, and it never dawned on me that I might walk into the bathroom and there wouldn't be a changing station."

But there wasn't. And Schrier noticed many men's restrooms weren't properly equipped to meet the needs of the modern father. "It's almost like this idea that it's the woman's job, and it's like, no it's everybody's job, we're parents," he says.

Schrier is so committed to the idea that all restrooms should offer baby changing stations that he's started a website called Dads Who Change Diapers. It offers an interactive map of businesses nationwide that have changing stations in men's restrooms. He even challenges other dads to boycott establishments that do not equip their men's rooms with changing tables.

I 100 percent support this father's quest for access to changing tables, but I'd like to point out many women's restrooms are also lacking them. I'm sure the moms reading this can empathize with me over my experiences changing my babies on the bathroom floor, or having to go out to the car.

What I'm saying is this issue affects all parents, not just dads, although I don't doubt the number of changing stations available to dads is extremely disproportionate to those of moms. Either way, a public restroom should be equipped to accommodate all people, even if they are babies. It's not just sexist; it's ageist!

What's your take?

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.