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Dad Creates Hilarious Baby 'Exorcism' Invitation

Someone didn't see the humor in his exorcism invitation and made him change it to a christening invite—but not before the internet captured the awesomeness.

Exorcism or Christening Invitation Katrinphoto/Shutterstock
What parent has not scoffed (or at least thought to themselves) that their crying baby needs an exorcist? One dad took that relatable joke a step further, creating an actual invitation to his child's exorcism. And it was hilarious! Except apparently, someone (maybe the little one's mom?) didn't think so.

The invite was a spoof, as the tot was set to be christened. The first version, posted to Twitter by a cousin, showed a picture of the baby girl, Saoirse Anne, with her eyes rolled back in her head (it is so hard to get a good photo of a newborn!), and explained someone would be in a sheet, throwing water over the girl, to expel "demons that inhabit her soul."

The next version, created just 26 minutes later, invited people to Saoirse's christening, a "very serious and real ceremony" instead, and featured an image of the little girl smiling. Since Twitter user Ste posted the side-by-side pics, along with the caption, "Hahahaha my cousin posted this for his daughter's Christening but clearly got a bollocking from either his girlfriend or his Mam over it," his tweet has been shared over 25,000 times, and has received upwards of 67,000 likes.

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Clearly many folks think the exorcist dad is very funny. Except for the most important ones—namely his girlfriend and/or his mother.

Oh well. At least we were amused!

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