Could the key to getting our kids to sleep be as simple as telling them about our jobs?


When my daughter was a baby she was a notoriously bad sleeper, so we tried anything and everything to get her to nod off. We swaddled her, swung her and shushed her, massaged her with lavender lotion and wound her down with soothing lullabies. No dice. We even resorted to strapping her into her infant carrier and driving around the block in the middle of the night—which actually worked, but then she'd wake up the minute we turned off the car.

You know what we didn't try? Boring her to sleep with our work stories. But maybe we should have. Because dad Kevin Payne is apparently crushing the sleep game by using the tactic to send his baby boy off into snoozeland.

Here's how it all goes down: See, Payne works on a Technology Resiliency Team, and so as he holds his 5-month-old son Carter close, he starts explaining exactly what this job entails.

"We ensure that various application in the bank, based on criticality, have built-in resiliency between data centers," he explains in the video of his method that he posted on Facebook. Don't worry, we don't know what it means either. But we're pretty sure it has something to do with black magic because within just a few seconds, his little guy's eyes start to flutter and close.

Pretty amazing!

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"I believe it's important to share with your children what you do for a living so that they too can aspire to greatness," Payne wrote in the caption of his post. "What I do clearly gives Carter a great sense of pride."


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