Another series of baby photographs has stolen the collective hearts of the world!

California-based photographer Grace Chon started photographing her now 10-month-old son Jasper and 7-year-old rescue dog Zoey together back in January and posting the photos on her Instagram account. The positive feedback of her 12,000 followers inspired her to create the "Zoey and Jasper" series, complete with a Tumblr account dedicated to the duo.

"I've always dressed up my dogs in silly costumes, so naturally when I had a baby I started collecting some hats for photos," Chon said. "One day I put one on Zoey and I had the epiphany that baby hats look ridiculously adorable on dogs too! My sister had the brilliant idea of sitting them side by side in a photo. The response was immediate and I just kept going with it."

It was hard to choose, but here are a few of our favorite portraits:

Zoey & Jasper - Aviator
Zoey & Jasper - Pom Pom Hats
Zoey & Jasper - Hoodie
Zoey & Jasper - Bunheads
Zoey & Jasper - Sweatband

Images courtesy of Grace Chon