By Lisa Milbrand
April 30, 2014
Melissa Rycroft Beckett 25329

My favorite has to be the super cute picture where Beckett's little head is propped up on his hands. I just want to gobble him up! Check out the full photo shoot on her Facebook feed, and a few of my favorites here.

Baby photos were definitely high on my to-do list when my daughters arrived, but we went to a local studio. I would have LOVED to get the more intimate images Melissa got here. But even if my baby portraits aren't as unique as these images, they're among my favorite pictures. I have them framed on my desk for a quick pick-me-up and smile while I'm working.

Melissa Rycroft son Beckett 25330 25331

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Tell us: Did you get professional portraits taken with your baby? Did you go to a studio, or did have a shoot somewhere else? And how much did you love the results?

Images courtesy of  Images of Grace Photography