By Sherry Huang
December 08, 2014
Conjoined twins Eli and Asa Hamby

Eli and Asa were born last Thursday in Georgia, after a difficult birth via C-section. The twins had separate spinal columns but shared a heart, circulatory system, and torso (including arms and legs), reports CNN and USA Today. This made it impossible for the twins to be separated via surgery.

The two boys passed away within 24 hours. Their parents, Michael and Robin Hamby, said goodbye to their miracle babies and shared the sad news in a video posted on Facebook.

"They fought long and hard. They was holding their own..." the father said. But in addition to breathing issues, the twins soon experienced heart issues, with one side of the heart beating much faster than the other. They were eventually taken off their ventilators. "It's hard losing two kids at one time. Even though I only got to be with them a little over 24 hours, it feels like a lifetime," he continued.

The twins' mom also shared, "God gave us extra time with them that some parents don't get to have, because a lot of babies are stillborn that are conjoined twins, and we had almost two days."

According to the Mayo Clinic, 40 to 60 percent of conjoined twins are stillborn, and according to the University of Maryland Medical Center around 35 percent survive for just one day. Conjoined twins are rare, occurring 1 in 200,000 births, and they are always the same sex.

Both Michael and Robyn thanked family, friends, and supporters for their love and prayers.

Image: Robin Hamby with her conjoined twin boys, Eli and Asia, courtesy of The Hamby Twins memorial page