A standout Christmas lights display provided the light a dad needed to deliver his own baby roadside.

sleeping baby in Santa hat
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Michigan mom Carla Hux was six days overdue with her fourth baby when she went into labor Monday. She and husband Bill jumped into their minivan and started driving to the hospital, but their daughter couldn't wait.

"She was saying, 'I don't think we're going to make it. I said, 'No, I'll drive fast.' But she said, 'Pull over now and quit hitting all the bumps.' And so I pulled into this house's driveway that had a bunch of Christmas lights and stuff," recalled Bill, adding the house resembled the Griswold's from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with its extremely festive holiday lights display, which stood out on the otherwise dark street.

By the time Bill parked and ran over to the passenger side of their vehicle, baby Lezlee Grace's head was coming out. The quick thinking parents wrapped her in blankets, cleared out her mouth, and used a shoelace from Bill's boots to tie off the umbilical cord.

Bill also called 911, although he claims he could have just driven the new mom and baby to the hospital himself; there's a fourth-time father for you!

Incidentally, no one from the family whose Christmas lights display guided baby Lezlee's birth ever came outside to see what all the commotion was about. Bill says he may return to the home one day to tell them his daughter was born in their driveway!

Believe it or not, Lezlee is not the first Hux child to be born before the parents made it to labor and delivery. Bill explains, "We nearly had Leah, our 3-year-old, in the van while we were on the way. [Carla] told me to pull over then. But I said, 'No, we can make it.'" Leah was delivered on a transport bed just inside the hospital.

Congratulations to these resourceful parents!

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