The proud mama took to social media to share a new photo of herself with her now 1-year-old daughter, and of course, the shot is simply gorgeous. 

By Maressa Brown
April 30, 2017
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend with their daughter Luna in August 2016
Credit: Michael Stewart/Getty Images

You can always count on Chrissy Teigen to speak the truth about motherhood—and warm your heart with sweet photos of her beautiful family of three. The latest, which Teigen shared on Instagram just yesterday, features the supermodel mama with her baby girl. And Luna has never looked more grown up!

Teigen captioned the black-and-white shot simply, "My stoop buddy."

The shot really shows just how big Luna's getting! Can't believe it was only a little more than a year ago that Teigen and husband John Legend welcomed their little girl, and now, she's such a toddler! Not to mention that she's thoroughly the spitting image of her amazingly good-looking parents.

Teigen's followers are, understandably, gushing over how "beautiful," "sweet," and "so cute" the photo is. No doubt! And clearly why the shot has racked up 1,424,372 likes in the mere hours since it was posted.

Of course this isn't the first beloved social media post from Teigen recently. ET reports that earlier last week, the celeb mama shared a snap of Luna showing off her father's TIME 100 cover and shouting, "Dada!" Here's that adorable clip and others of the sweet L.O. and her proud parents.

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And there's proof why this family of three is pretty much perpetually winning the internet—and our hearts.

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