The model took to Instagram to document the trip, writing, "My body and mind have never felt so clear."

By Maressa Brown

Earlier this year, Chrissy Teigen ignited an important conversation around postpartum depression when she discussed her personal struggle with it after giving birth to her first child, daughter Luna. Now, the beloved celeb mama sounds like she's feeling better than ever, thanks in part to a recent family trip to Bali. She and husband John Legend have been sharing photos and videos during their vacation, and a couple in particular show just how vital Teigen's feeling these days.

Check out this one of her doing an upside-down stretch with a trainer.

And then, there's this stunning shot of the John and Chrissy in traditional Balinese clothing. She wrote alongside the breathtaking shot, "We had the most beautiful, wonderful time in Bali. Como Shambhala, my body and mind have never felt so clear. Thank you for getting me to move again (first time since I was 8 months pregnant and Luna is ummmm 15 months old) and giving me some much-needed body and nutrition schooling! And thank you for dressing us in your beautiful, traditional ceremonial costumes! And don't worry, everyone. I still love me some .99 two tacos. Balance! #notbeingpaidtosaythis"

Balance is key. Good for Chrissy for checking with herself and doing what she can to bolster her mental and physical wellness. New motherhood can overwhelming, and it's worth every moment, of course, but self-care is so important, too. It must have felt absolutely amazing for her to "move again" after nearly two years!

Just look how serene she looks with Luna in this additional shot.

And you can't miss this adorable video of the pair sharing a banana.

Of course not every mama is going to find her postpartum balance in Bali. But Chrissy definitely deserves props for sharing her own experience and keeping it not just real, but inspiring -- as usual!

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