You've got to see all the adorable costumes Chrissy bought for baby Luna!

By Meagan Morris
October 28, 2016

Is Chrissy Teigen the coolest mom ever?

It seems like it—and she definitely tops our list for coolest celebrity mom ever for her willingness to be transparent and real about the struggles and fun parts of being a first-time mom.

Case in point: On Thursday night, the former Sports Illustrated model posted a series of photos on Instagram showing off baby Luna in her adorable Halloween costumes. And yes, we mean costumes, plural.

First up, Luna in a totally adorable hot dog costume looking a little apathetic about her mom's choice ("have you ever seen a more 'why me?' face?" Teigen captioned the photo).

But that's not her only costume—not by a long shot. "You can't possibly think I only bought the hot dog," Teigen wrote, posting a video of Luna strutting—ok, wobbling—in a peacock getup.

Oh, there's more. "please help I can't stop," she captioned an adorable Luna in a Minnie Mouse costume.

And the final look? A banana, because she's totes cute it in so why not?

Her fans were totally on board with all of the costume changes.

"So adorable @chrissyteigen I went crazy too when I had my first born," wrote one follower on the peacock photo. "I did the same thing for Halloween and Christmas. This is her second outfit and I am still waiting to see more.. I know it's coming."

And really, why not? Teigen has had her (un)fair share of mommy-shamers come at her in the past several months, but she's only doing what many first-time moms do. Halloween is the perfect time for a little splurging, too.

Keep all four costumes, Chrissy! You're doing it right—and Luna is lucky to have such a cool mom.

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