Check Out These New Pics of Camden and Nick Lachey!

It looks like someone had a fun Memorial Day weekend with their kiddo! Check out these adorable casual photos Vanessa Lachey posted over the weekend, of Nick and Camden hanging out in the backyard and getting ready to assemble a new plastic slide for the little guy at their home in Cincinnati. (And we all know how much fun those projects are to assemble with a little "help" from our kids!)

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Nick Lachey and Camden 25358

We loved catching up with the Lachey family in Parents June issue, where Vanessa and Nick Lachey opened up about the craziness of life as a celebrity family—including jetting between L.A., New York and Cincinnati to keep up with their work. (Vanessa starred in the recently cancelled sitcom Dads, while Nick's been working on the show Big Morning Buzz.)

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But the Lacheys still shared many of the same concerns and issues we all face as parents of young kids—including how to help a sick kiddo, how to get your baby on a schedule, and how far apart to have your kids. (And is it just me, or does it sound like they're just about ready to have baby #2 to anyone else?)

Tell us: What did you and your family do to celebrate the long weekend? And is your baby old enough to "help" around the house?

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Images: Camden and Nick Lachey, Courtesy of Vanessa Lachey

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