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Check Out These Cleverly Recreated Childhood Photos -- We're Obsessed!

Well. This series of photos from brothers Joe and Geb Luxton might just take the cake as best. baby. pictures. ever.

The well-above-drinking-age UK siblings dug through their stash of childhood photos, plucked out some favorites, and re-enacted them perfectly. No detail went unnoticed, from the clothes they wore to the faces they made to the fingertips that accidentally snuck into the frame. The only thing that's different, of course, are the "boys" themselves. The downy-haired babies are now hirsute grown men with tattoos and muscles -- and seeing them in this context is nothing short of hysterical!

The photographs were part of a calendar the brothers made for their mom last Christmas and they were intended to remind her of the good times, according to Demilked. They're also the latest example of recreated childhood pictures which, apparently, is a thing. I'm not normally one for hopping on bandwagons, but this is a trend I could definitely get behind. In fact, when my son gets older, I'm going to drop major hints for a calendar like Ma Luxton's.

Here are some of my favorites -- check out the rest at the brothers' Tumblr, Then/Now.





Tell us: Would you ever try recreating your childhood photos? 

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All photos originally featured on Then/Now via Tumblr