Emma Heming-Willis breastfeeding 25355

We loved Bruce Willis' cheeky Instagram photo of his wife, Emma Heming-Willis, breastfeeding their brand new daughter, Evelyn. (He captioned it, "Breakfast of Champions!")

But Bruce Willis isn't the only A-list dad who cheered on his mate's efforts to breastfeed their baby. Brad Pitt snapped a famous shot of Angelina Jolie nursing one of their twins—it ended up on the cover of W magazine. When Victoria Beckham slipped a disc in her back soon after she gave birth to baby Harper, David Beckham held the baby during their breastfeeding sessions so it wouldn't hurt her. And Will Ferrell toted his wife's breast pump on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, and made sure to call attention to his wife's apparatus.

It's great that so many new dads support their partners' efforts to breastfeed—a 2013 CDC report confirms that new moms who have the support of their mate are often able to breastfeed more successfully than those whose partners don't bolster their efforts.

So how can dads help? By taking on some of the other duties (diaper changing and dishes spring to mind), heaping on the praise for your efforts (hey, breastfeeding can be a very big challenge!), bringing over a snack or water while you're on duty, and of course, a back rub won't hurt!

Tell us: Was your mate supportive of your breastfeeding efforts? How'd he help you out?

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Image: Emma Heming-Willis, courtesy of Instagram