By Erika Rasmusson Janes

Super-private singer Regina Spektor has some news that's just too good to keep to herself: She's a new mom!

Spektor, who announced her pregnancy via her Facebook page back in January (the Grammy nominee wanted to let her fans know why she was skipping the ceremony—because she was "so super pregnant" at the time) also took to Facebook to let everyone know that her baby boy has arrived.

Spektor wrote on Tuesday, "I wanted to let you know that Jack and I have been happily hanging out with our new little son and that all is going great! Thank you for the tons of well wishes and good vibes- we wish them all right back at ya," and added, "As you may have noticed, we're pretty private so we won't be posting any pictures or updates about him....but we can report that he's super CUTE!!!"

Spektor also kept mum on his actual birth date, as well as his name—and we're guessing we won't be privy to those details any time soon, although we imagine someone so cool will pick an awesome name for her kid.

Congratulations to the new parents!

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