Celeb Moms Nail Why We Need Child Care Reform in Spot-on PSA

All these star mamas needed to do to prove child care is a necessity is show us what their lives are really like balancing work and kids.

That child care in this country now costs more than college tuition is no laughing matter. And this is no joke: Some of the funniest women on TV have gathered together to make a hilarious-because-it's true video as part of the #VoteForChildren campaign, which seeks to promote the issue of child care reform this election year.

Flo from the Progressive insurance ads is there to say that affordable, national child care, "shouldn't even be an issue." But some famous moms, like Ashley Williams and Sara Gilbert, couldn't make the round-table meeting because, duh, they couldn't find anyone to watch their kids!

Even Kathy Griffin is on hand to discuss the state of child care and early childhood education in the U.S. But, um, does she have kids? No matter, she's hilarious, so who cares?

The celebs start dishing about why quality child care and pre-kindergarten education is so important for families. For instance: A lot of families rely on a mom's income; it's certainly true in my case.

And as the parents try to stay on task with their discussion, the kids are running wild, and this scene is pretty darn close to what I experience on a daily basis attempting to balance work and momming.

Flo notes that 65 percent of kids have both parents in the workforce and it's also mentioned that child care often accounts for 30 percent of family's median household income. These facts, and others presented in the must-see video, are clearly troubling.

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In between corralling their kids—and in Griffin's case, her dogs—the group decides that, "obvi," national child care has to happen, and in their view, you need look no further than the facts to prove it.

What's your take?

To learn more about the issues and how to make your voice heard this election, visit Within Reach's website. And don't forget to register to vote on November 8 to make sure your voice is heard about child care, and other issues that matter to you!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.

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