Carrie Underwood's Cute Baby -- and More Adorable Celeb Baby Reveals!

We can't get enough of Carrie Underwood's baby reveal -- those chubby cheeks! the downy hair! the cute-as-a-button nose! Every baby is cute, and who doesn't love an awww-worthy photo of a baby (sleeping or not) posed against a soft blanket?

But what makes every first look extra special, especially this one, are the fun touches that make the photos more personal. In Underwood's case, she posed Isaiah Michael, born earlier this month, holding a mini ice hockey stick emblazoned with his dad's ice hockey team, The Predators. The photo not only shows off how cute Isaiah is, but also celebrates the team's great news, which Underwood shares in the caption: "The Predators are in the playoffs! Just waiting to get called up! #PutMeInCoach"

Seeing Underwood's baby reveal reminded us of more adorable first looks that other celebrities have recently shared on Instagram. Check out the ones below!

Model Coco Rocha recently gave birth and has already shared quite a few sweet photos of her baby girl, Ioni James. But who doesn't love this one of Ioni with her eyes wide open, looking up in wonder?

Shakira shared a peek of baby Sasha recently, too, with a photo that compared him with her soccer player-boyfriend's own baby photo. It's not hard to see the family resemblance!

With an awesome name like Genesis Ali, who isn't surprised that Alicia Keys's baby has a strong presence? In the beautiful black-and-white family portrait below, everyone looks at the latest addition with adoration; he clearly steals the show!

See how other celebrities first shared their baby announcements!

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