Carey Mulligan confirmed the birth and baby's gender, but is keeping all other details mum.

By Lindsay Tigar
October 14, 2015
Carey Mulligan at Suffragette NYC premiere
Credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images

We have to hand it to Carey Mulligan—the 30-year-old Oscar nominee kept a tight lid on her pregnancy this year, and she even managed to keep her delivery a secret until her babe was 3 weeks old. She and husband Marcus Mumford, frontman of the band Mumford & Sons, are now the proud parents of a daughter, Mulligan told The Graham Norton Show this weekend, but that's about all we know.

Mulligan kept the baby's name and all other details of her pregnancy under lock and key. And while she certainly doesn't look like she just gave birth, after attending the London and U.S. premieres of Suffragette this week, we're certainly happy for this new family!

The Great Gatsby star and her singer hubby married in April 2012. This is the couple's first child (we think!).

Mulligan's not the only celeb to keep her pregnancy under wraps, either. Here are three other celebs who kept quiet about their due dates:


The Grammy Award-winning pop star and ballet queen hid her pregnancy for seven months, even attending award shows in loose-fitting clothes up until the tail end of her third trimester. Even more impressive, she hid her son's name (Angelo) for several months after he was born.

Eva Mendes

It wasn't until the seventh month of Mendes's pregnancy with hunky boyfriend Ryan Gosling that whispers started to spread. Though after the secret was out, Mendes was happy to show off her gorgeous bump. We expect she was trying to escape the 'Hey girl' fandom that would have come if she revealed her expecting due date earlier.

Jessica Biel

Though it was widely speculated that Biel was carrying hubby Justin Timberlake's baby for a long time, it wasn't until she shared the first Instagram photo of her babe that the world finally knew their Spidey senses were accurate. We have to give her some major props for keeping her pregnancy under wraps until baby arrived.