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Last week, two stars shared their birth announcements: Country singer Zac Brown had a boy, after welcoming four lovely ladies. For Bruce Willis, it was daughter number five. But what I found even more interesting was how both stories were reported. Apparently, Zac Brown had often joked that he would keep trying until he had a boy. And Bruce Willis told People that his new daughter was "pretty cool," but that "eventually, I'd like a son."

First of all, I think it's weird that people ask about something so personal and potentially painful—especially when the older siblings can hear it (or, in a celebrity child's case, the kid in question can read all about it on It makes it seem like this little one is somehow a disappointment and less cherished and desired, just because she shares the same sex as her siblings, and she isn't that longed-for boy.

My husband and I are thrilled to be the parents of two lovely girls. We wouldn't trade that in for the opportunity to have one of each—and I definitely don't feel like we're missing out. It makes me sad when I see parents so intent on getting a "son to throw a ball around with" or "a little girl to dress up." (There were a small but significant number of China adoptive moms I knew who had several sons and were going to China for a "guaranteed girl." They often ended up with tomboys who refused to wear frilly dresses and play princess!) To me, happy and healthy are all that matters. And especially since my daughters don't live a gender stereotype, they can be into all kinds of "boy" things—like dinosaurs, Star Wars, and trains. (They also love princesses and dancing!)

Tell me: Did you keep trying to have a child of each sex? Why or why not? And if you have all kids of one sex, do you get this "are you trying for a boy/girl?" question a lot? How do you respond?

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