This sibling rivalry ended in a tie!
Fawn and Stephen
Credit: Fawn Thayer/Facebook

This is such a cool story!

The boys' father Stephen Thayer Sr. thought he had the answer to that question when he received a text with a picture of his new granddaughter Cassidy from his younger son Matt. The little girl was born on March 20 at 6:53 p.m.

Then a moment later, Stephen Sr. got another text with a picture of another baby. Only this time, it was a boy! And the text was from Matt's older brother Stephen, who was celebrating the birth of his son, Benjamin. Time of birth? 6:53 p.m.

"It was like, 'Are you sure you've got the right time?'' Stephen told "Then absolute shock set in. Nobody could believe it."

So cool!

Thayer baby
Credit: Matt Thayer/Facebook

While Cassidy is the first child for Matt and his wife Brooke, Little Benjamin is the third child for Stephen and his wife Fawn, whose due date was actually March 23. The couple was taking their two older children to see the Easter bunny last Sunday, when Fawn suddenly realized it was time to go to the hospital—on the same day Brooke was scheduled to be induced!

"We got to the hospital at 4:30 [p.m.], while my brother had been in the hospital with his wife in labor since 8 a.m., which made it even crazier that they both were born at the same time,'' Stephen said.

"We were joking that it was a brotherly competition and it ended in a tie,'' added Matt.

Such a crazy coincidence. And one that should make for some serious juggling down the road when it comes to scheduling family gatherings for things like birthday parties and high school graduations.

"We were joking that we can have them all in the same venue from here on out," Stephen told "Same day, same minute, same place."

Sounds like a solid plan to us. Congratulations all around!

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