A Brazilian PSA about breastfeeding is sparking anger from moms who feel shamed by the sensational ads.

breastfeeding baby with doughnut
Credit: SPRS

A new campaign created for the Brazilian Pediatric Society of Rio Grande is aimed to encourage breastfeeding moms to take a closer look at their diet. Instead, it's outraging that very community—and for good reason. Engorged breasts painted like burgers, soft drinks, or doughnuts with babies latched on to their nipples is not inspiring at all. It's gross!

"It's mean and awful," La Leche spokeswoman Diana West told Yahoo Parenting. "It promotes the idea that you have to have a perfect diet to breastfeed." The striking campaign may be getting a second look, but the information is false according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Yes, it's common knowledge that nursing mothers should avoid alcohol and limit caffeine to three cups of coffee daily. Tuna and sushi that contain high amounts of mercury should be sidelined, too. But according to the AAP, there's nada suggesting a breastfeeding mama who is burning mucho calories and quite possibly on limited amounts of sleep can't have a few slices of pizza or a juicy burger. Everything in moderation, right?

breastfeeding PSA with burger
Credit: SPRS

The fact is, mammary glands produce highly nutritious milk, regardless if mom is making a drive-through run. No, a baby "is not what mom eats," West says. The nutrient levels in moms' milk stay fairly stable regardless of the type of food you eat. It's nature's way of protecting a newborn from variances in their mother's access to food.

breastfeeding PSA with soda
Credit: SPRS

The message released by the Pediatric Society of Rio Grande in conjunction with the campaign seems sweet enough: "Love and affection are vital, but it is important to educate and inform mothers about the procedures necessary for proper nutrition and baby care." Unfortunately, crass photos and misleading info did the opposite. Bummer.