Would receiving a thank-you card make you feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public?

Breastfeeding in Public
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Breastfeeding in public is sometimes met with judgment and criticism. But one advocacy group called Breastfeeders in Australia aims to normalize the act of nursing a baby in everyday places, and even wants to tell moms who breastfeed: thanks!

A mom from the group recently gave a thank-you card to Marcelle Streeter, a mother of four, who told Kidspot, "She totally surprised me, and walking past, she said, 'I just want to thank you.' I wasn't quite sure what it was about but said thank you anyway. After reading the card I really wanted to thank her properly but unfortunately she didn't return."

The card read, "Thank you for breastfeeding your child in public. May future mothers never have to search for a secluded corner, change room or toilet to nourish their babies. Breastfeeding is becoming the norm and the credit goes to women like you! From one mother to another."

Lauren Threadgate is one of the founders of Breastfeeders of Australia, a group described as "a place for breastfeeders in Australia to come together to share stories and ask questions without fear of discrimination." There is also a closed Facebook group where moms who breastfeed have formed a community, almost 30,000 members strong.

Threadgate told Kidspot about handing out the thank-you cards like the one Streeter received, "I myself have given out lots of our cards. It can feel a bit nerve wracking to give someone a card because I'm always mindful of not making the mum feel uncomfortable, and I don't want to be a distraction to her or her little one. I usually say 'I have these cards to give to breastfeeders. You're doing a wonderful job!'"

She hopes that after the moms have finished feeding their babies, they feel good about being recognized by a fellow mama. I'm sure it is a bit awkward in the moment, but if a card can help empower a mom who breastfeeds, and make her feel less alone or judged about feeing her baby in public, clearly that's a good thing! After all, couldn't we moms use more support and less shame?

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Want to get in on the breastfed love? You can purchase the thank-you cards here.

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