The blogger took to Facebook to rant after finding out that her baby has a dairy allergy. 

By Maressa Brown
February 13, 2018
Breastfeeding Baby Mom White Sweater
Credit: Lumen Photo/shutterstock 

Esther Anderson, the funny mom of three behind the blog Story of This Life, has been entertaining fellow breastfeeding mamas with her latest Facebook video. In the now-viral clip, Anderson shares from the driver's seat of her car that she just found out her baby girl Aubrie has a dairy allergy. So, of course, that means in order for Aubrie to be a healthy, happy, nursing baby, Anderson was told to cut all dairy from her diet. And this news struck the Chili, New York-based mom as utterly tragic.

"Can we just talk about cows for a second? And how much we love them? How much we appreciate them, and the delicious milk that they make?” Anderson begins her rant. “I’m having a little bit of a heart attack right now. I’m grieving the loss of every delicious food in my life, pretty much.”

She goes onto list all of the foods she cannot have -- like milk chocolate, M&Ms, the whipping cream (Who uses half-and-half? Ha!) she puts in her coffee -- and the foods that her doctor said she can have, like bacon (win!), dandelion (confusing, but yes, the greens can be used to make all different detoxifying recipes), almond milk, and dark chocolate. Anderson also laments the fact that this now means she'll be one of those people who has to read the labels on food packaging to be sure she's avoiding certain ingredients.

Plenty of moms feel Anderson's pain, as the video has racked up over 2K comments and 2,400 shares. "No ice cream?!?! Noooooo!!! I am so sorry," one wrote. Others had words of wisdom for the frustrated mom, like one commenter who shared, "It's really not so bad! There are plenty of great alternatives for yogurts, milk and even cheese!  ... When it comes to milk, you have oat, almond, soy, rice, coconut, hemp seeds, flax seed and various mixes! And if you are struggling with candy, look for vegan stuff! Vegan muffins, cupcakes, cakes, chocolates, ice cream! We have it all. Even Ben and Jerry's has dairy-free ice cream and whipped cream."

No matter if you're a cheese fiend or vegan, just about every mom has had to make an uncomfortable sacrifice like this at some point for her L.O. As frustrating as this diet change may seem now, Anderson admits that just looking at her baby's face makes it "all worth it." All too relatable!