Brave Mom Beats Cancer During Pregnancy, Dies Just After Giving Birth

This incredible mom survived cervical cancer to bring her twin babies into the world but tragically died one day later.

Jamie Snider became pregnant with twins while battling a rare, aggressive form of cervicalcancer. The 30-year-old mom braved her chemotherapy treatment at Stanford University away from her two older daughters, and beat the disease while pregnant—pretty incredible!

Her twin girls were delivered prematurely on March 16. And while tiny, they are healthy, vibrant, and stable. But tragically, just one day later, the new-mom-of-four suffered heart failure and passed away. So, so sad!

"What gives me peace in my heart is she got to see those babies and hold them and be with them a little bit," Jamie's friend Larina Campanile told ABC 7 New York.

Three GoFundMe pages have now been set up in order to raise money for Jamie's four beautiful children Aubrey, Maddie, Camila, and Nico, and for a memorial service that will take place next Thursday where her friends can say goodbye.

"Jamie was a such a bright light on this planet. Everything about her was infectious from her beautiful bright green eyes, her big smile, her laugh, and her hugs!" explained family friend Melinda LeFurge on one of the GoFundMe pages. "You couldn't know Jamie and not love her and want to be around her. She is so dearly missed. May God bless her children and family during this difficult time of loss."

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If you'd like to help Jamie's family, please visit the following pages:

GoFundMe: Memorial ServiceGoFundMe: DonationsGoFundMe: Family Expenses

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