Babies stop for no one -- not even Mother Nature. Two Massachusetts women found that out firsthand when they went into labor smack dab in the middle of Monday's blizzard, ABC News reports.

In Patricia Strickland's case, it all started with a joke with a friend: What if I had my twins during the storm? At 35 weeks, it seemed like a bit of a longshot. But one hour later, the Worcester woman was in the throes of contractions (and fighting the urge to push) while an ambulance was on its way. Unfortunately, because all roads were closed to non-emergency traffic, Strickland's husband had to stay home with their 5-year-old daughter.

If the idea of having twins solo wasn't bad enough, the "scared" mama's water broke in the back of the ambulance and, moments later, one of her babies, Gabriel, was born. The moment she arrived at the hospital, she was wheeled into the operating room, where daughter Aliyah was born. Though premature, the kiddos are expected to go home in about 10 days. Which considering how much snow Massachusetts received, might be just enough time for all the roads to be cleared.

At the other end of the state, another mom-to-be was plunged in her own delivery room drama. Just as the power flickered out in Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Danielle Smith went into labor. Luckily, the hospital had back-up juice, and the rest of the delivery went off without a hitch. "[Baby] Cayden was born at the height of the blizzard just after the island had lost power, forcing the hospital to rely on its generator for power," said hospital spokesman Jason Graziadei. As of this writing, most of Nantucket was still without power, but hopefully it will be restored in time for Danielle and Cayden's trip home.

Congratulations to these brave mamas!

Tell us: Was your labor relatively smooth, or did you run into any snags?

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