Such a special day. Such an awesome "kids will be kids" moment.

By Melissa Willets
November 30, 2016
Credit: USA Today/YouTube

It was finally the day the Baker family of St. Cloud, Florida-based had been waiting for. On this day, their family of four would officially grow by one, in the form of tiny, 4-month-old Annalyn. On this day, Chris and Katie Baker, along with their two sons, Camden, 7, and Hudson, 5, would finally adopt Annalyn.

"We went through a struggle with infertility and we knew we always wanted to have a big family. We didn't feel like we were complete," Katie explained to USA Today. "For me personally, she was ours the first day we've seen her. She has been one of us since the time we have been together," added Chris.

Still, the day of the long-awaited adoption was especially significant, not only because November is National Adoption Month, but that particular day was both Chris and Hudson's birthdays. Happy tears were freely flowing in the Collier County courtroom.

The stage was indeed set for an emotional, memorable day no one in the Baker family would ever forget. Except Hudson wanted to make sure it was an occasion no one in the courtroom would forget, either. So when the judge asked the soon-to-be big brothers if they wanted a little sister, Hudson piped right up—and said, "no."

The courtroom burst into laughter.

Lest we think Hudson was voicing a real concern, his mom assured USA Today, "He's the one who loves Sissy so much." We have no doubt he does! And after all, kids will be kids!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.

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