The White House has teamed up with to offer affordable diapers to families in need.
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Allegedly, it all started with a tweet. And some startling statistics. Via social media, the White House reached out to, an online marketplace with data about the diaper crisis in America, that compelled them to get on board to solve the problem. For instance, did you know that according to a press release:

  • 1 in 3 American families lack sufficient access to diapers and report not changing their child's diaper as often as they feel they should.
  • The poorest families in America pay twice as much for diapers as wealthier ones do.
  • For low-income families, high diaper prices at local corner stores force them to choose between buying diapers versus other essential items, even food.
  • Not changing your child's diaper can expose him to serious health risks like diaper rash and infection.

Enter the Community Diaper Program, an initiative aimed at making affordable diapers a reality for all families. Through participating nonprofit organizations, will distribute Cuties diapers for a third of the cost of purchasing a diaper pack at the store.

All potential partners have to do is apply to the program on It's that easy!

"Having the White House recognize that American families are struggling to provide even the most basic needs for their children is a huge step forward for the diaper bank movement," Joanne Goldblum, executive director of the nonprofit organization National Diaper Bank Network, which helped to diaper more than one million children last year, told "The new Community Diaper Program developed by Jet will enable our members, as well as other likeminded nonprofits, to purchase millions of diapers that can be distributed for free to help families in need."

To watch a really neat video about how this program got off the ground, click here. I found it fascinating that if you look at elements like packaging and distribution, you really can save a ton of money on your diaper purchase. It kind of makes you wonder why a baby essential has to cost so darn much in the first place!

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