Baby Suiting: Our Favorite New Instagram Trend

The mom behind Baby Mugging, Epic Baby Hair, and Evil Baby Glare-Off has started another amazing meme called Baby Suiting (#babysuiting), which involves dressing up babies in grown-up sized suits and ties.

I can't decide if I think it's totally fantastic or the tiniest bit creepy—or both. Maybe I just need to get my hands on a baby so I can get in on the act myself. (My toddler would totally not stand for this.)

Wiles told New York Daily News that the idea originally stemmed from trying to dress babies up to look like characters from Mad Men, "but women's clothing really didn't work. The suits were much funnier. Something about the big padded shoulders made them all look like that scene in Beetlejuice with the shrunken head."

In fact, Wiles almost called the concept #beetlejuicing, but worried that not everyone would get the shrunken-head reference from the movie. Frankly, I love that, because those baby heads do look so incredibly tiny in those enormous suits.

You can see some of Wiles original baby suiting images below, as well as the funniest Baby Suiting Instagram submissions she's received. Want to suit up your own baby? You can submit pics to Wiles' Instagram page (@mommyshorts).

baby suiting 1
baby suiting 2
baby suiting 3

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Images of #babysuiting courtesy of Mommy Shorts

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