Baby on Board Safety 1st sign

Talk about staying power! Unlike Culture Club, Ghostbusters, and ColecoVision video game consoles, the iconic "Baby on Board" sign is still kicking, and on Sunday, celebrated its 30th birthday. (Yep, I feel old.) To say the sign was ubiquitous during my childhood is an understatement. It seemed like you couldn't go down a single road in the 80s without spotting a steady stream of yellow diamonds hanging in the back car windows. And just like back in its heyday, the stick-on sign still serves as a reminder to other drivers to drive safely.

But there's nothing like a milestone birthday to make a person (or a company) think about ways to keep up with the times. And that's exactly what Safety 1st, the brains behind the sign, is doing. Beginning early next year, it will include 1 million "Where's Baby?" window clings packed with the Baby on Board signs. The new clings will tie in with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) campaign to keep unattended children out of cars -- and help prevent accidental heat stroke incidents. (Safety 1st's big announcement coincided with this month's Baby Safety Month.)

NHTSA is no doubt hoping the Where's Baby decals find the same success as their Baby on Board predecessor. "Tragedies from leaving children unattended in hot cars is 100 percent avoidable. Prevention means never leaving children unattended in a vehicle and always checking the backseat before walking away," said NHTSA Acting Administrator David Friedman. "Everyone in the community has a role to play and posting these window decals is a great way to build awareness and spread this important safety message to other motorists."

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Image of Baby on Board sign courtesy of Safety 1st via Facebook