Little Fiona is defying the odds after doctors told her parents the chances of her surviving more than a few hours were slim to none.

An Iowa mom who was told by doctors that her baby wouldn't survive birth is now celebrating the child's two-week birthday. And little Fiona Grace has a bright future ahead of her, despite the grave forecast her mother Autumn Dunn was given during pregnancy.

"We went from thinking we were going to have to plan her funeral to, we get to bring her home, and she's healthy for the most part," Dunn told Quad Cities, Iowa news station Fox 6 Now.

Dunn's painful odyssey began when, early in her pregnancy, doctors informed her that her baby girl had Holoprosencephaly Semilobar, a brain abnormality. She explains what doctors told her toward the end of her pregnancy: "One of the last visits, there was fluid on her brain and...a portion of her brain was just missing because of it." She was also told that if her daughter made it to delivery, the experience would stop her heart. Dunn was given the option to terminate the pregnancy, but wouldn't even consider it.

When she did finally give birth, Fiona let out a cry, and Dunn says she knew in her heart that her little girl would be okay. Fiona did have to undergo surgery to drain a cyst on her brain, and may go blind as a result of the cyst one day. But she's alive, and in her mama's arms.

Dunn calls Fiona a miracle, and believes her little girl can defy expectations again. "You have to keep following your heart and your faith. It's the only thing that got me through," she says in the end.

Here's hoping Fiona's story provides comfort for other parents facing scary pregnancy diagnoses. Miracles do happen.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of coffee.