Baby Born During Hurricane Irma Evacuation Gets a Beautiful, Fitting Name

The Miami mom gave birth to the baby girl just hours before the storm hit the area. 

Mom cradling baby's feet
Photo: Tom Merton/Getty Images

The state of Florida may be facing the brutal winds, terrential rains, and storm surge of Hurricane Irma, but that's not stopping babies from making their way into the world! In fact, according to Reuters, some Miami hospitals are anticipating an increase in the number of births, which often accompany storms like Irma. (According to a Memorial Hermann Health System representative who spoke with the news outlet, at least five of the not-for-profit system’s 11 Houston-area hospitals with labor and delivery units reported increases in the number of deliveries during Hurricane Harvey. In three, deliveries doubled. The phenomenon may be attributed to the low barometric pressure that accompanies these big storms, research shows.)

One mom's story is proof that the storm isn't stopping kids from making their debut -- and this little one even got a special middle name, suited to her timing. On Saturday, September 9, while in the process of trying to get from the hospital to a hotel, a woman gave birth to a baby girl, according to the Miami-Dade County Police.

According to the police department's Twitter account, the L.O. arrived just hours before Irma hit the city. "Glad our officers were able to assist the family safely from hospital to hotel. #PerfectName," the police department captioned the photo. "Welcome to the world." The baby girl's beautifully fitting name: Nayiri Storm.

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Congratulations to this proud, brave family! And props to the Miami-Dade Police department for assisting with the birth.

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