By baby teeth chart
July 28, 2014

Because it's Monday and you're staring down a full week of work. Because the baby woke up five times last night (again). Because you ran errands yesterday not realizing you had day-old spit-up on your shoulder and mystery gunk under your nails. For all these reasons and more, mama, I present to you 10-week-old Eisleigh and her puppy, Clyde.

An insanely cute video of this dynamic duo snuggling together is currently burning up the Internet, having been picked up by everyone from the Daily Mail to the New York Daily News. In the short clip, taken by North Carolina mom Brandi Hodges, the black-and-white pit bull pup climbs next to his BFF in her bouncy seat, finds a just-right spot to lay down, then burrows sweetly into the side of her face. (Judging by Eisleigh's content smile and Hodge's Instagram account, this clearly isn't the first time baby and dog have cuddled.) Want to see the adorableness for yourself? Check out the full video below.

Image of Eisleigh and Clyde courtesy of Brandi Hodges via Instagram