Baby and Beagle Have Best Meet-Cute Ever

Need a dose of cuteness? Then this baby-meeting-a-beagle video is for you.

Calling all baby and beagle lovers! Heck, calling anyone who likes anything cute! This home video of a baby meeting his family pet for the first time is the most adorable thing you'll see all day. Unless you're currently hanging out in a field of bunnies, holding a basket of kittens in one hand and newborn twins in the other.

According to Storyful, the Moore family had actually decided to wait a few months to introduce their newborn son to their pet, but upon being allowed to meet, it's clear they had nothing to worry about. The bond that was instantly formed between these two is undeniable.

Sure, the baby is kind of tasting the beagle's back. And yes, the dog is kind of more interested in rolling around on the rug at first than checking out the new family member. But there's love there! Just wait until the moment when the dog starts licking the baby's face, and he smiles like it's the weirdest, funniest, coolest, most unexpected thing he's ever experienced.

Yup, you have to admit this baby-beagle meeting is awesome. But, perhaps I'm biased as a beagle owner of 13 years. Too bad my dog seriously wants nothing to do with my three kids. She tries to avoid them unless they have snacks and is still pining for the days before I had children, and she was my only baby. Sorry, girl!

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