Pregnant belly casts meet newborn baby cuteness with inventive "bump bowl" photography.

By Melissa Willets
May 24, 2016
Bump bowl

Pregnant belly casts are nothing new, but using the mold as a cradle of sorts for a newborn photo shoot? That's definitely thinking "outside the bump," which is exactly what U.K.-based photographer and former midwife Jocelyn Conway does with her "bump bowl" photography.

Yup, the shell that baby is sleeping in is actually a belly cast made from his mom's pregnant bump—typically taken around 34- to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Mom can be seated or standing, and as she told, the entire process takes about 15 minutes. Then, voila! A tangible memory of a pregnancy is born, and so is a one-of-a-kind prop for a newborn photo shoot.

Bump bowl with family

"I started doing them over a year ago," Jocelyn told about her bump bowls, adding, "I did a life casting course about 4 years ago but never really used my new skills. I wanted to incorporate my life casting in with my photography and thought doing bump casts were a good idea. They have been around for many years... I liked the idea of just doing the bump and making it into bowl shape... and the Bump Bowl was born."

Bump bowls

"The mums love them," Jocelyn says. "It's so cute seeing the baby back in its 'home' for the last 9 months, and the babies love being in them... they usually fall fast asleep!" Except that little sweetheart! But this one is exhausted.

Bump bowl baby sleeping

For anyone concerned about baby's safety while being photographed in the "bump bowl," Jocelyn says each image is created as a composite of multiple photos with the bowl and newborn constantly supported... by the space he or she is probably the most comfortable with in the world, other than mom's arms.

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