Reality star mom-of-three Kristin Cavallari reveals why she's "become a psycho" about nutrition in her new book Balancing in Heels.

Credit: Kristin Cavallari/Instagram

In Kristin Cavallari's new book Balancing in Heels, the former "Laguna Beach" and "The Hills" star shares plenty of juicy tidbits about her life as a mom to sons Camden, age 3, Jaxon, 22 months, and daughter Saylor, who was born in November. One of the most OMG revelations is that the 29-year-old makes her own baby formula for the kids she shares with her Chicago Bears quarterback hubby Jay Cutler.

Cavallari writes, "Once I stopped breastfeeding each kid and we ran out of stock of my frozen breast milk, we put them on a homemade goat milk formula (both grew out of their dairy sensitivity by then)." The star elaborates:

"I'm not a fan of soy (it's usually genetically modified; more about that later), and both Cam and Jax have sensitivities to cow's milk—and unfortunately, soy and cow's milk are the only two options for store-bought formula available right now. Goat's milk is the closest thing out there to human breast milk. Plus, it is more easily digested than cow's or soy milk. Giving goat's milk to children is popular in Europe and other parts of the world. Goat's milk is not enough, though, so Jay and I, along with our pediatrician, came up with a formula recipe for our kids."

If you are like me, you're wondering if making your own baby formula is safe. For the record, experts recommend against it due to concerns of potential contamination and nutrient imbalance. Plus, the AAP advises against babies drinking soy or goat's milk for the first year of life. To learn more, read our story: Homemade Baby Formula: Is That Safe?!

But Cavallari sees making her own baby formula as just one aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle. She admits she's "become a psycho about reading every single ingredient label and researching the ingredients I don't recognize," adding: "I truly believe that everything I need to flourish nutritionally is found in nature and that some stuff just shouldn't be messed with, especially the food I'm putting in my body."

The mom-of-three is so dedicated to feeding her family healthy foods, it's led her to assert, "I really believe that my family's infrequency of getting sick is due to our diet."

Just wait until they go to preschool and kindergarten, Kristin! Then get back to me on that statement.

Of course, this star mama is not the first celebrity to sound off about leading an ultra-healthy lifestyle. Gisele Bundchen is famously committed to eating clean, as is Gwyneth Paltrow. And I say, good for them! Being healthy is vitally important, but so is maintaining some semblance of balance, and sanity, in life. That's why I very intentionally read nutrition labels most of the time, but sometimes when my kids ask if they can have M&Ms I'm all, "Pass 'em over here!"

What's your take?

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