Apparently, the World's Sexiest Mom Is...

...Jessica Simpson! What a year it's been for her! She gave birth to her son, Ace Knute, last June, married longtime fiance Eric Johnson earlier this month, and this week was named World's Sexiest Mom by the sexperts at Victoria's Secret, reports USA Today.

Hmm, okay.

She wasn't the first celeb mom I thought of, but I can see it. Jessica has always been a knockout, obviously, and her post-baby bod (crazy-toned leg muscles and all) is definitely something to be proud of. But as great as the former Daisy Duke looks in her honeymoon selfies, I think she's 10 times more stunning when she's doing normal mom things, like making funny faces with her daughter, smooching her son or holding her friend's newbornMotherhood seems to have brought out a different side of the woman who once asked if Chicken of the Sea is really chicken. She's more mature, more confident in herself, and totally in love with her family. And frankly, what's sexier than that?

Speaking of sexy, also making this year's Victoria's Secret What Is Sexy? List are Jessica Biel (sexiest sporty style), Zooey Deschanel (sexiest sense of humor) and mom Jenna Dewan Tatum (sexiest bikini bod). Congratulations to all the winners!

Tell us: Who gets your vote as World's Sexiest Mom?

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Image of Jessica Simpson courtesy of Jessica Simpson via Instagram

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