Another Win for Breastfeeding Moms -- in Virginia

In other beneficial breastfeeding news, Virginia became the latest state to pass a bill that will protect the rights of moms to breastfeed in public.

Once the governor of Virginia signs off on the bill, a law will become official this July, making Virginia the 48th state to support mothers' right to breastfeed. The only two remaining states that have yet to pass a similar law are South Dakota and Idaho.

Up until now, moms in Virginia could breastfeed in public spaces owned by the Commonwealth of Virginia, such as parks and playgrounds. But once the bill goes into effect, moms will be able to breastfeed in privately-owned but public businesses, such as coffee shops and retail stores, without being asked to leave.

Three amazing moms and two senators were behind pushing the bill through, reports The Huffington Post. "Without [this bill], women can be harassed and discriminated while children are denied the basic necessity of eating to survive. This bill will empower women," says Crystal McCullough, one of the mom supporters.

This is definitely another great step toward the #normalizebreastfeeding movement!

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