The actress and new mom told Ellen DeGeneres how she schooled a gym trainer on the proper thing to say when a woman tells you she's had a baby. (Gym bros, pay attention!)

Before Anne Hathaway started making headlines for throwing shade at the Kardashians, she sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to share the news that giving birth to son Jonathan eight weeks ago has made her feel like a bada*s at the gym.

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"Being a mom has made me feel a lot more confident," she explained. "Normally you walk into the gym and you see, like, Thor's trainer—like, you know, the people who have too many muscles to be in The Avengers? That's who works out at my gym. And I would normally walk in and feel so intimidated. But [now] I walk in, I'm like, 'Yeah I work out with 5 lb. weights, but I pushed a baby out of my body, I feel gooooood right now. I don't care what I look like. I feel great!'"

Right on! Unfortunately, Anne's new-found mom swagger didn't stop one random dude from checking her out while she got her workout on. Was he hitting on her? Nope, there was actually something a little less flattering going on.

"He's like, 'Cool, I'm a trainer here and just wondering if you want some pointers,'" she told Ellen.


So Hathaway did what any of us would probably do in the same situation—she casually dropped the fact that she just had a baby in order to score a requisite compliment about her post-baby bod. Not gonna lie—I've totally done this, too.

"I'm expecting him to say the thing that you say when someone says they've had a baby," she explains, "which is, 'Oh my god, you look great!'"

"Doesn't matter if it's true," Hathaway continued. "If somebody says, 'I had a baby 13 years ago,' you say, 'You look great.' That is what you do, that is the etiquette."

True story! Only things didn't go quite the way Hathaway expected.

"So I say to this guy, 'I had a baby seven weeks ago,'" she explained. "And he goes, 'Ohhhhh. Trying to lose the baby weight?'"

Wait, what? Dude, you just broke the new mom code!

Hathaway refused to let the body shaming get to her, though. "I muster up my dignity and I say 'No, Brandon'—which is not his real name, but I'm protecting him. I shouldn't, but I am—So I say 'No, Brandon, it's a little bit too soon to worry about weight,'" she fired back. "'I'm just trying to regain my strength.'"

Yeah, girl! We think you're pretty damn strong already.

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