Some twins do everything together—even giving birth!

Credit: ABC 6

New Jersey twin sisters who were both at the end of their pregnancies ended up delivering their babies on the same day...just minutes apart! It all started when Stephanie Edginton and Nicole Montgomery learned they were both about to give birth—and at the same hospital, no less.

"We actually had a doctor's appointment today because we were due on Friday," Eddington told local ABC station WPVI on Monday. "We got there and they were like 'you have to go to the hospital,' and we get a call that Nicole and Rich are on their way, too."

The twin sisters welcomed their babies, both girls, just six minutes apart.

The new moms, born three minutes apart themselves, can now go through everything together with their newborns, Cora and Louisa, and I'm jealous! I would have loved to have a twin to text in the middle of the night when I was up for a feeding, or to commiserate with over colic or reflux.

Maybe if I'd had a twin with which to experience new motherhood I wouldn't have felt so bad when I was still wearing maternity pants at three months postpartum, or when my baby wouldn't latch, or when she had her first post-immunization fever.

Okay, new rule: Everyone should get a twin to go through pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood with. Hmm...yes, this might be a bit far-fetched. So Stephanie and Nicole, enjoy your special situation. Some of us are very envious.

Would you want a twin to deliver on the same day as you?

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