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You know Facebook is fabulous for sharing all those adorable shots of your baby with your friends and family—but just this week, the social media site was credited with helping bring a kidnapped newborn back to her parents, according to CNN.

New mom Mélissa McMahon handed her daughter Victoria over to a woman who looked and acted like a nurse—but the woman wasn't. And the fake nurse fled the hospital in Quebec with McMahon's baby. Fortunately, the hospital quickly discovered what happened, and several other patients were able to give descriptions of the woman. Security cameras caught an image of her with baby Victoria, along with her red Toyota Yaris leaving the hospital lot. The Amber Alert blast with the image of the woman and her make and model of car quickly caught fire on Facebook, where it drew the attention of Charlí¨ne Plante—who recognized the woman as her former neighbor. She and a few friends drove past the house, discovered her former neighbor was home, and alerted police. Within moments, the police were there, and baby Victoria was on her way back to the hospital and her frantic parents.

Two great takeaways from this story: Even though most hospitals have security measures in place to prevent these tragic situations, you may want to double check the ID badges and credentials, especially if someone's planning to take your baby out of your sight. And you should always check out (and share) those Amber Alerts on Facebook. You never know when you might be able to help bring a child home!

Tell us: Do you always check out Amber Alerts on Facebook? How cautious were you when you were in the hospital?

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Image: Newborn baby's hand by Igor Stepovik/